Whether you want reliable and timely financial information or if you want a set of financial statements to satisfy regulatory requirements then Nairn Fisher can assist. In addition, we take care of all your Companies Act and Trustee Act compliance matters such as annual returns, minutes and in the case of Trusts, gifting.

For those entities that require a high level of assistance we offer a virtual CFO service. That high level of assistance might be required on a temporary basis i.e. during times of organisational change.

Some entities require more accurate financial information closer to the end of a reporting timeframe to support more informed and smarter decision making, planning and analysis by owners and managers as well as information for stakeholders such as minority shareholders and banks. Nairn Fisher can assist those business owners and managers to get more control over their business. We have experienced corporate accountants with skills in budgeting and reporting as well as up to date technologies to help you.

At the other end of the scale you may just require year end financial statements for compliance reasons. That’s fine too.
Whatever your needs and budget Nairn Fisher can help.

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