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Nairn Fisher can assist you with the myriad of tax compliance issues. We can manage your business, whether you are a small entity or a medium sized enterprise. Our policy is to ensure that you do not have to pay more in your tax return than you are legally obliged to pay. If you are considering changing to a proactive tax return advisor, simply contact Nairn Fisher to make a free appointment to discuss how we can manage your tax return.

During the meeting we will look at your tax structure and your current income tax situation. We will also review your provisional tax requirements, GST, FBT, RWT and PAYE. Our experienced team can also handle any special requirements you may have in order to manage your tax affairs. We will also identify any oversights that may have seen you previously overpay a previous tax return. You may be able to submit a beneficial adjustment to the IRD.

If you become a client we will typically manage your affairs throughout the year, such as managing any frequent provisional tax, GST, PAYE and RWT requirements. We will ensure that all returns with the Inland Revenue are filed correctly and on time. Our team will deal with the Inland Revenue on your behalf, so you don’t have to. The extent of our services is dependent on your requirements. If you do have a tax audit we will also manage that on your behalf if requested.

Should you have any particularly complex tax matters that require specialised tax advice we have a unique partnership with a highly skilled but cost effective tax specialist.