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Nairn Fisher has assisted clients grow their businesses and invest hard earned income since 1948. As part of our business growth package we offer practical and cost effective business planning and monitoring advice. Peter has significant experience in business planning and monitoring for both small business and large complex organisations. He has provided advice to boards, senior management teams and trading banks.

We also work with clients to assist them to set retirement goals and partner with investment advisors. Don has been instrumental in assisting clients from when they first started in business to soundly invest earning for retirement. Read here Don’s blog on saving for retirement.

Asset planning ensures taxation, estate planning and asset protection are all dealt with together. To make sure you have your tax affairs are optimized and your assets protected as much as possible requires planning and an understanding of your current situation as well as your long term goals. This involves a taxation and legal analysis to help you be in the best position to increase your net worth while adding protection in the right place.

Asset Protection