Rotorua and the rest of the country moved into the Red setting at 11.59pm Sunday 23 January 2022.  Reading the media and talking to clients, the expectation is there will be significant disruption caused by the infection rate of Omicron and the need for people, including close contacts, to self-isolate.

As with previous outbreaks Nairn Fisher is reasonably well positioned to cope however we have had to make the following adjustments;

  • Face to face meetings will be reduced to essential meetings only
  • Face masks and distancing will be required at face to face meetings
  • We will not be asking to see vaccine passports
  • Alternative arrangements using technology are preferred.

In order to spread our staff availability risk, from Wednesday 26 January;

  • Don will work from home
  • Peter will work from the Te Puke office
  • Other staff will be on site but in future may work from home depending on the circumstances.

Starting from Wednesday 26 January site access is restricted;

  • The Rotorua office will have it’s door locked so if you are coming in please call in advance.  If you do “drop in” reception will be attended however if it isn’t please call 07 343 1002 – the number will be on the door
  • The Te Puke office is smaller and therefore extra measures are required.  The door will be locked however you will be able to call Christine on 07 573 0027 to arrange a visit – the number will be on the door.

We regret having to take these precautions and will be reviewing them regularly as the Covid situation unfolds.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with:

  • Don Stewart             027 459 5531
  • Peter Farrell             027 615 0022
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