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The powerful Xero accounting software offers our clients complete financial control over their businesses. Small and medium sized business owners can instantly see how their business is performing and growing. As the Xero accounting software is cloud based, that also means that the Nairn Fisher team can manage and work from the exact same ledger as the client, online. This means that we can plan, strategise and discuss emerging issues with clients without having to fall back on old data or spend time working out the current state-of-play.

If you are a startup, or you wish to migrate to a robust cloud based accounting solutions, we are able to professionally manage the move. After analysing the information needs of your business, we will prepare and transfer existing data. Once setup, we will create the appropriate reports and provide comprehensive system training to you and any of your key personnel. We also have extensive expertise in integrating Xero with other systems, such as CRMs and online payment processors.


With accessibility in the cloud and flexible integration options, Xero can manage all of your electronic business financial information. Xero manages your bank accounts, asset schedule, depreciation and invoices. In addition, you can also generate reports, track inventory, manage payroll and much more. This is why Xero is our accounting software of choice for new businesses and for software upgrades for existing business clients.

Find out more by contacting your local Xero experts, the Nairn Fisher team.

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