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Our Rotorua business valuation team pride ourselves on our ability to produce a top quality and accurate valuation. Most valuations are required for the sale and purchase of shares between directors or for transfer to a related Family Trust. For these engagements we can produce a robust cost effective valuation. But first of all we will advise you if you actually need to pursue a full assessment. Sometimes an entity is too small or the issue sufficiently narrow that a business valuation is not required.

The process requires a high degree of technical knowledge as well as a good deal of judgement and our Rotorua business valuation team excel at the challenge. It is often said that a good valuation is more of an art than a science.


For many, the goal of a business is to realise an eventual business sale. At the least, you may need a succession plan or management strategy. It’s important to have an accurate idea of what your business is worth before you decide to sell. Nairn Fisher can assist you in determining a suitable price tag for your business.


Sometimes matters are a little more contentious such as for relationship property division or in a dispute between shareholders. In such scenarios, where there is a possibility of litigation Nairn Fisher are able to produce a comprehensive valuation of an extremely high standard, suitable for legal scrutiny and Court.

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Business Valuation